Elementor Student Discount | Available or NOT?

With a community of over 143,000 users and supporting more than 16 million websites, Elementor is one of the top website builders and hosting providers.

The platform provides exceptional website building and hosting services, and its tools also harness the power of AI.

Though there are no forever active discounts on Elementor, the platform occasionally offers attractive discounts.

In this article, I will walk you through Elementor plans and discount offers that students can pick at the moment since there is no special discount available for them. 

Does Elementor Provide Student Discount?

No, Elementor does not offer any student discounts at the moment. 

There is no free trial for the Elementor services. However, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for users.

Elementor provides impressive discounts and deals during the big shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In addition, the platform offers several promotions and discount codes when you buy the Elementor Pro subscription plan.

You can look out for the latest Elementor sales promotions and discounts here

 Elementor Provide Student Discount
Source: Elementor

Other Elementor Discounts Available For Students

Elementor does not have specific discounts for students. However, it does have some affordable plans that students can benefit from without spending much.

Here are some plans that you should consider before purchasing an Elementor subscription.

PlanPricingApproximate Savings
Basic WordPress Hosting Plan$9.99/month or $120/year$147
WordPress Hosting LITE Plan$2.99/month or $36/year$156
Static Website Hosting Prime Plan$32.99/month or $395.88/year$99

Source: Elementor

Why You Need To Look Out For Black Friday And Holiday Season Sales?

If you are a student looking for an exciting deal for the best Elementor plan, you need to keep an eye out for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Halloween. 

During these sale days, Elementor offers the most attractive discounts of upto 50% to 90% on various products.

Which Is The Best Elementor Discount For Students?

Students who are starting with Elementor can follow these criteria to choose a discount. 

1. For Elementor WordPress Hosting 

If you are looking for a WordPress hosting plan, Elementor’s Basic plan, which costs $9.99 monthly or $120/year, is the most suitable one for you.

The plan includes 25,000 monthly visits and 10 GB of storage. After you buy this plan, you will get free Pro Website Builder access, saving you over $99/year.

In addition, the plan also includes a free AI starter add-on, which will help you save $48/year.

This basic plan offers the most significant value at a reasonably low price.

Note: The subscription renews at the regular price, costing you around $180/year.

2. For Static Website Hosting

Elementor’s static website hosting Prime plan is best for students since it offers 20 GB of storage, 50,000 monthly visits, and 30 days of backup at $32.99/month.

The plan also lets you access the Pro Website Builder, which saves you $99 per year.

3. Website Builder Plugin 

The website builder plug-in is offered under four yearly plans that cost between $59 and $199.

As a student, you don’t need to buy a separate subscription to website builder since it is included in other hosting packages on Elementor.

Things To Know About Claiming Elementor Discount 

Although the frequency of discounts is low on Elementor, you need to know a few things about claiming the discounts.

  • Always check Elementor’s official website for the latest discount codes.
  • Check the discount code and apply it to the related product plan responsibly.
  • Be aware of the fake third-party discount codes.
  • Be mindful of the terms and conditions before applying the discount.
  • Remember the login credentials of your Elementor Pro account.

Elementor Pricing And Plans

Elementor has a variety of plans to fulfill the needs of every type of user and industry.

1. WordPress Hosting Plans 

Let us explore the Elementor WordPress hosting plans and pricing below:

PlanPriceBest Suited For
Basic$9.99/monthStudents and Freelancers
Business$19.99/monthSmall to medium-sized businesses
Grow$22.99/monthLarge size enterprises
WordPress Hosting Plans
Source: Elementor

2. Elementor Website Builder Plans And Pricing 

Elementor has four plans for website-building plugins: 

PlanPriceBest Suited For
Essential Plan$59/yearStudents and Freelancers
Advanced Plan$99/yearEcommerce websites
Expert Plan$199/yearFreelancers and medium-scale businesses
Agency Plan$399/yearLarge-scale businesses and high-growth agencies 
Elementor Website Builder Plans
Source: Elementor

3. Elementor Static Website Hosting Plans And Pricing

For static website hosting and building, Elementor has two plans:

PlanPriceBest Suited For
Prime Plan$49.99/monthFreelancers and students 
Elite Plan$99.99/monthBig businesses 
Elementor Static Website Hosting Plans
Source: Elementor

Paying annually upfront for any plan can give you a flat 35% discount. 

Refund Policy: Regardless of any pricing tier, Elementor offers a 30-money-back guarantee on every plan. 

Get Started With The Free Plan

Students with very limited budgets and resources can get started with Elementor’s free plan. The free version provides a good set of website-building tools and features that allow students to create a basic website without having to pay anything.

The free Elementor plan includes:

  • Access to the core Elementor website builder features
  • 30+ free website templates and blocks to choose from
  • Ability to customize the templates and create a unique website
  • Basic widgets and design options
  • Limited hosting capabilities (recommended for small personal websites)
  • No access to premium features like the Pro Website Builder, hosting, and other add-ons

While the free plan has limitations, it’s an excellent starting point for students to learn website building, experiment with design, and create a functional website without any financial investment. As their needs and website complexity grow, they can always upgrade to one of the paid Elementor plans.

Final Verdict: Elementor Doesn’t Offer Any Specific Discount Or Deal For Students!

Elementor provides exceptional tools for kickstarting or building a website from scratch. The platform has a subscription plan for everyone and provides occasional sales promotions and discounts. 

As Elementor does not offer a free trial or student discount, I recommend the Basic Elementor hosting plan for students, which costs $9.99/month. 

You can also get the Elementor hosting Lite plan at 2.99/ month with limited access to the services.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep checking the official promotional page for the latest discount codes and offers.


Can I get Elementor for free?

Yes, Elementor’s free version is fully equipped with tools that help you create a working WordPress website.

How much is Elementor per year?

The cheapest Elementor Pro plan costs around $9.99 per month, and other Elementor Pro plans range between $59 and $399 per year.

Is Elementor worth paying for?

With impressive website-building tools and affordable plans, Elementor is worth paying for if you want to build websites faster.  You can get an Elementor basic plan for $9.99 and host your website easily.

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